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One Final Push Into 2018 – New Year, New Weight Loss Goals

January 1, 2018

Do not resort to extremes to compensate for any recent holiday binges. It’s understandable that many of us are feeling regret and are ready to embark upon a series of resolutions to try to counter-act the ‘damage’ we have done. The issue with this is that these last-minute 2018 goals often involve crazy diets, over-the-top workout routines or a long-term commitment we may not be able to stick to.  These strategies that are likely to fail, leave us disheartened, and worst-case scenario result in physical injury. Don’t set yourself up to miss your target; the only way to become fit is to have a plan and a support group. Before you make rash decisions, speak to an expert who can understand your situation better, rather than blindly joining a gym or diet program that assigns a cookie-cutter routine for health or weight loss. It’s also important to note, the best strategies to get in shape involve some patience and the understanding that success does not come overnight.

It’s all about small, achievable steps towards your goal; not just giant leaps. If you bite off more than you can chew, you will quit the process before any real progress is accomplished. Only through a customized fitness strategy can you plan out exactly how you will meet your goals. Of course, this process is not a quick fix to health or weight problems. Unlike the extreme plans most people force themselves into, a customized fitness strategy is likely to result in actual, noticeable change. The key is building a routine slowly with minor changes that can be incorporated into our daily lives, then to build off that foundation once it becomes a normal part of our day. This creates real change overtime which results in a routine that is much easier to commit to for the long term. Moreover, seeking out and employing fitness experts can help with staying motivated, thus creating accountability. Those with experience will show you the best course to achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, they can teach you exactly how do exercise properly on your own as to avoid the previously mentioned physical injury or similar pitfalls. Don’t force yourself into a crazy or extreme situation because there is always another option. Fitness is created over time through hard work, dedication and the support of professionals in the field who can use their knowledge to help you. Don’t be tricked by commercials and advertisements offering a miracle weight-loss solution because, frankly, it doesn’t exist. Instead, contact My Health Studio to plan out your fitness goals for 2018 and let us inspire you to get and stay healthy for life.

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