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Stop the Pain

November 6, 2017

End The Trauma.

It hurts when we lose someone close to us. We can’t end all suffering and death in our lives as it a part of being alive. There are, however, things we can do to prevent it from causing more damage. With trauma being the leading cause of death for Americans under age 46, stopping the bleed is important. In 1-3 minutes bleeding can be fatal. Empty a 2-liter bottle sometime. It empties fast. And, if it’s an arterial bleed, it’s even faster. We hear about CPR a lot and that nationally less than eight percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital survive. Forty-five percent of heart attacks occur among people under 65 years of age.  Ventura County leads the nation in successful 911 cardiac calls and bystander assistance but that’s Ventura County. Where do you live and work?


The solution? Learn both. Become part of the local vanguard. Do something. When seconds count and help is miles away, you may be the determining factor. If you don’t have a tourniquet, get one. If you have one, get another. People who were at the Las Vegas shooting reported seeing bystanders using belts as tourniquets. The trick with tourniquets is, when applied successfully, there is no bleed and no pulse. If you still have a pulse in that extremity you’re doing it wrong. Learn how to pack a wound because you can’t use a tourniquet for all forms of trauma. Learn pressure points and how to slow and stop the flow. CPR is hard and fast in the middle of the chest. Nothing fancy just do it.

I hope you’ll never need these skills but knowing you can may help ease the pain. Preparedness for disaster scenarios, including trauma, can be the difference between living with a loss and knowing you prevented a death.

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