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Weekly Facebook Live & Holiday Season Weight Loss

December 18, 2017

Recently, I have been broadcasting videos via Facebook Live as a way of connecting with many of you for fitness advice and to share my experience in the field. I want to thank those of you that have tuned in to watch it live, but to those that may have missed a session, you can find them all on our Facebook. Additionally, I want to extend my appreciation for those that have been putting in extra effort to help with the fires that have been affecting residents of Ventura County. We need to continue to show support and assist those that have lost so much due to this natural disaster. I also want to profusely thank those of you that participated in our Toy for Tots event; you have made an impact that will help many people.

On a separate note, we are now entering into full Holiday season with parties scheduled for every weekend. With Thanksgiving over, we may think ourselves “in the clear” in terms of eating right and sticking to our fitness goals, but every holiday meal is an opportunity to persevere. The fallacy that eating poorly immediately fails someone trying to become healthier or embark on a weight loss journey, is often given too much credit in the fitness community. Eating a plate of holiday treats and snacks doesn’t mean you have done anything permanent, it just means that some follow-up is required to compensate. My rule is: if there is a dish you want to indulge in, which is unique and homemade, there’s no shame in eating some of it because you will not find it again easily. That is not an excuse to eat everything in sight nor should it be viewed as a rule preventing you from eating what you want. Just understand that when you choose to partake, it means that actions must be taken to maintain a healthy balance in these situations.

My holiday tips to help you get through or offset these party temptations are as follows:

  1. Drink tons of water! This will not only keep you hydrated with the heat and wind, but also keep you full as to not binge on holiday food.
  2. If there is alcohol, drink responsibly, but also maybe choose a spritzer over wine to drink more with less.
  3. Exercise and keep moving. December is not an exception to your fitness routine. Stay committed.
  4. Have a plan. Don’t assume there will always be healthy options at a party. If you are going to eat party food, factor that into your next workout session.
  5. Have a team. Its important to surround yourself with people who can hold you accountable to your fitness standards or weight loss goals. Support is the key to success.

Follow these small steps and you may make it out of this season more ahead than you thought. Please check out our Facebook Live videos or catch the broadcast every Monday at 5:00pm PST.

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