Just Bungee 4 Life™

Reaching New Fitness Goals



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At My Health Studio, we’re taking bungee workouts to a new level, creating a series of amazing and fun workouts. We are offering two semi-private workshops, under the Just Bungee 4 Life™ umbrella (Powered by Astro-Durance). The first workshop, Just Bungee-4 Life™ Beginning Fitness is designed for the general population and Just Bungee 4 Life™ Therapeutic is designed for those with arthritis and other physical imbalances. These workshops burn calories and build muscle.

It is our goal to provide you with the most amazing bungee experience you can imagine; one that will enhance individual fitness goals and provide the most uplifting and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a conditioned fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, die-hard dance lover or a self-professed couch potato, we have a workshop designed for you. The sky is the limit!

Gentle Yoga, Relax/Stretch
Charmed Arms
JumpSport Tramp Camp
Cardio Sculpt
Muscles, Mat and More
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