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Just Bungee 4 Life™

What Exactly is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee fitness provides an exquisite blend of core training, cardiovascular training and resistance work—all done with a bungee cord attached to your waist. The workouts are simple (but not necessarily easy), depending on your fitness level.  Once “hooked up” to the bungee cord, follow the instructor as they run, jump, dance, squat, lunge, sprint, push-up, plank and perform other resistance training movements. The bungee cord will reduce your body weight, making the movements easier. Simultaneously, you'll need to expend effort to stretch the bungee cord when you move, so your muscles get a focused endurance workout. The key to Bungee workouts is to keep moving. The sessions evolve from simple resistance training movements into more energetic movements, like running, performing specialty jumps (stars, tucks and more), falling forward and back, and a host of other moves. The objective of bungee fitness is to combine fast-paced, explosive movements (jumping or sprinting) with the weight-bearing bungee cord. There’s simply nothing like it!

Why Bungee Fitness Works

Bungee training is brilliant at building muscle and burning fat. Since the Bungee carries some of your weight, classic resistance training movements are somewhat easier. Couple that with the fact that you're constantly moving, running, and jumping… well, it’s a winning combination. The workouts are also great for those who want to enhance mobility because the bungee cords absorb a lot of the impact on your joints. To improve your flexibility, these workouts are an amazing way to go. Finally, bungee workouts are just plain fun! You can fly around the studio on a bungee cord, and have a great time while staying fit. It's truly one of the most unique and enjoyable workouts anywhere in the world.  It’s time to break the monotony of fitness as usual.  If you want to get fit in a fun, new way, bungee workouts are the way to go.

My Health Studio Just Bungee 4 Life™ Classes

Just Bungee 4 Life™ Assessment

Practicing Bungee fitness long-term has wonderful benefits.  However, it’s important to start in a class series that will be a good fit for you.  Our Bungee Assessment session will help us to evaluate where you will do your best work while keeping you safe.

Just Bungee 4 Life™ Beginner Blastoff

This is a great place to start if you’ve sustained injuries in the past, or you’re just getting back into working out.  You’ll learn the tips and tricks while still having a great time.  In this class, you will learn basic bungee skills that will get you flying in no time!  Please arrive at least minutes prior to class in order to do the client information pages and be checked into your bungee.

Just Bungee 4 Life™ Fat-Burning Flying High

You will torch calories and build muscle in this combination class.  This interval session will incorporate squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, chest movements, and abs in between interval cardio jumps and running. If you’re already fit and want to fly, this is the class for you.  Get ready to fire those muscles!  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class in order to do the client information pages and be checked into your bungee.

Just Bungee 4 Life™ Fat-Burning Sprint 8®

Sprint 8® is an efficient, fat-burning HIIT workout that gives you a complete cardio exercise experience, including warm-up and cool-down, in just 20 minutes. We precede your Sprint 8 experience with a warmup and follow it up with stretching and a cool down.  Since high-intensity cardio exercises are among the best exercise for weight loss, most people see results in just 8 weeks or less. Sprint 8 is an efficient and effective way to maximize your health and physique.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class in order to do the client information pages and be checked into your bungee.


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