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Rebounding Absorbs Impact

According to the MS Society… “any person who has experienced decreased mobility — particularly a loss of weight-bearing activity (as would be true of a person using a wheelchair or staying in bed most of the time) — must be concerned about osteoporosis. The prolonged or excessive use of corticosteroids (to treat MS relapses) also can lead to loss of bone density.” We believe that the fitness trampoline is one of the the best options for assisting in restoring bone density.

Rebounding is an exercise that consists of bouncing lightly on a small trampoline, either with the feet remaining on the surface or with small jumps up to around six inches in height. People do the exercise, typically for anywhere from a few minutes up to 15 minutes or more per day.

Because the bungee bands absorb most of the impact, the shock is distributed more evenly through the joints and tissues of the body than with exercises like running. It would seem that injuries to the ankles, knees and feet are less common as a result.

This has been supported by studies conducted by NASA comparing running at different speeds on a treadmill with jumping at different heights on a trampoline. In the study, the researchers measured the impact on different parts of the body during the movements of the exercise. What they found was that on the trampoline, the g-force created by the exercise was more equal across more parts of the body.

Source: A. Bhattacharya, E. P. McCutcheon, E. Shvartz, J. E. Greenleaf

Fitness Trampoline benefits:

• Boost lymphatic drainage and immune function

• Beneficial for skeletal system & increasing bone and muscle mass

• Helps improve digestion

• When used correctly, helps to Improve balance

• Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy

• Increases lung capacity


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