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In each of four sessions, we’ll spend a full hour evaluating your personal training needs including (but not limited to) body fat assessment, muscle mass, BMI, balance, strength, endurance and physical activity readiness. This step is essential in helping to create a program that will be safe, effective and efficient. Once your fitness level has been established, we will begin with reasonable, action-oriented goals, and customize a program resulting in your personal conditioning formula. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know one another!


Once your personal conditioning formula has been determined, we will implement a balanced, continuing program that focuses on your goals. In each session, we will follow up on other lifestyle changes such as diet, stress reduction, and energy enhancement. Your exercise program may include elements of traditional aerobic, strength and flexibility programming, as well as functional fitness training, Pilates, fitball training, plyometrics, along with balance movements. Last, but not least, we are the home of the EFI Gravity Trainer – an amazing yet simple piece of equipment that allows us to minimize the impact of jumping, squatting and incorporating resistance conditioning into your life.


If you don’t want to train alone, you can train with a partner or small group. You can find you a partner or you can bring your own. Join an existing group or start your own. Contact us for more details.

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