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Group Fitness Classes Have Powerful Benefits

May 27, 2019

So you’ve decided it’s time to get “in shape.”  Most of my clients walk in the door with pre-conceived notions about what “getting started” looks like.  The reality is that embarking on a journey to health has less to do with how to start than how to stay on course.  There are many fitness clichés, but the most frequently stated is that “fitness” is a lifestyle and not simply a temporary challenge to overcome.  What do fitness experts mean by this ideology?  To state it simply, becoming “fit” is much less about going from overtly unhealthy to being magically active by showing up at the gym or employing a clean eating program. It has much more to do with a gradual transformation through course corrections and adjustments until the unhealthy habits are diminished.  My clients have heard me say that small changes implemented consistently over time can lead to huge results.  Everyone can achieve a fitness goal, but maintaining that accomplishment requires a team.

Small steps equate to fitness goals that are achieved and subsequently maintained.  It’s not about running a race to reach a finish line but, instead, about breaking your exercise routine into small “bite size” portions that make success inevitable.  See that’s the real hard part – to become healthy you must adopt fitness as a part of your life and practice it whenever possible.  The good news is that it gets easier over time.  Therefore the hurdle people must overcome to become fit is less about starting and more about starting correctly.  The adoption of a team and coach will help you to stay on course and to adjust when necessary.

My Health Studio understands that there are many effective ways to become fit, such as fitness coaching, improving nutrition and even incorporating small things like a morning walk or run, though each of these requires some level of discipline that not everyone has. We feel, however, that the best “loophole” to getting in shape is Group Fitness Classes.  Instead of forcing people into drastic life changes, which can cause burn-out, Group Fitness Classes offer a more gradual transition with many powerful benefits.

Accountability: When left to their own devices, fitness novices are likely to workout incorrectly, overexert themselves or becomes frustrated and give up easily. By joining a Group Fitness Class, not only is there a set schedule that members can abide by, there is also a system in place to track progress and make sure everyone meeting their goals. Instead of randomly guessing and going at it alone, members can rely on the Studio to keep them honest and keep their attendance consistent.

Guidance: Without experienced fitness professionals guiding members, getting in shape can be a very tricky road to navigate. Having a guru help members every step of the way, allows even the most challenging exercises and fitness goals to become standard.

Encouragement/Community: This is the hidden gem of group fitness – a family that forms around each member as they get deeper into the fitness lifestyle. Everyone is at their own level of experience and having the support of fellow members allows everyone to dig a bit deeper and push a little harder. Going to the gym alone can be a daunting task, but with your friends ready to greet you every day at your Group Fitness Class, it becomes a much more exciting prospect.

Fitness is not a hard code to crack, it simply requires small changes to an unhealthy lifestyle to gradually build better habits. Group Fitness Classes are one of the best ways to achieve fitness goals and maintain the fitness lifestyle with a lower risk of burn-out. Stop by My Health Studio today and take your first class for free or contact us to learn more about why we choose Group Fitness Classes as one of our main offerings.

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