We offer the ultimate in fitness classes, personal training, group fitness and CPR certification.

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Private Training

Once your personal conditioning formula has been determined, we will implement a balanced, continuing program that focuses on your goals. In each session, we will follow up on other lifestyle changes such as diet, stress reduction, and energy enhancement.

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Just Bungee 4 Life™

Combining strengthening moves with cardiovascular and high-intensity interval training, Bungee Fitness Workshops are a series of fun workouts that provide more-than-ample caloric burn. My Health Studio is here to provide you with an amazing tailored bungee experience.

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Group Classes

If you hate exercise but love music, dancing and muscle work, then you’ll love our Group Fitness Classes!  We incorporate just the right amount of laughter and fun with movement designed to burn calories, tone muscle and help you reach your fitness goals.

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My Health Studio


"My Health Studio was developed out of my personal struggle with fitness. The pursuit of a healthy, slim body has been a life-long endeavor for me. I continually found myself in a large gym, intensely disliking every minute of my exercise time. After many years in the corporate environment, I went back to school in pursuit of an accredited fitness certification. I have combined my study of success principles in business, insights from years of my personal quest for a healthy body, with training and certification from the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), to develop a course of action using a team approach that is effective and… yes… even fun! We offer group fitness classes, personal training and so much more."

Esta Mcintyre | Owner of My Health Studio

Our Approach


Our fitness experts teach you how to make small changes and, through spaced repetition over time, achieve long-lasting results. No starvation. No excessively-priced programs. No injury-producing boot camps. We want you to live a life of accomplishment through balance.

We have created a modular approach to realizing your fitness goals. Now it’s your turn! Let us be part of your team!

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