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November 1, 2020

2020 has been an absolutely unprecedented time in our lives. The pandemic has made us each pay close attention to our health when normally we would be less interested. At My Health Studio, we recognize the growing need to cater towards health and well-being and are proud to be a medically-integrated health and fitness studio. We are under the umbrella of the Medical Fitness Association and are excited to showcase our range of fitness programs with a medical focus aimed at prevention. My Health Studio serves as an innovator within our industry and a lot of other facilities in Southern California are adopting the approach of integrating fitness into hospitals and medical centers to avoid illness and educate customers on health issues while also aiming to improve wellness within communities.

So what exactly is medical fitness at its core? Medical fitness is very similar to normal fitness programs designed around losing weight, increasing muscle mass, improving quality of life, but with the added benefit of being viewed through the lens of health, which is to say that each program is tailored to one's medical needs.

We have several services and classes available for those looking to become more conscious in regards to their health and well-being. Additionally, these offerings/programs are designed specifically for certain chronic conditions that are taught by experts trained in proper techniques:

Movement & Cognition Program

  • This program is designed to be beneficial for everyone, but with a strong focus on the MS population. Published research has proven that strengthening and cardio-vascular exercise can lead to improvement of Multiple sclerosis symptoms.

CPR & First Aid Training

  • Join our in-house expert Scott McEntyre as he teaches a variety of critical classes focused on emergency situations. These classes include certifications for CPR, AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers and can even help you provide medical assistance for pets.

Just Jump 4 Life™

  • We are offering two semi-private workshops at My Health Studio that utilize the Astro-Durance Bungee system. Both workshops are low-impact exercises that burn calories while building muscle. The Just Bungee 4 Life™ Therapeutic workshop however, is more health focused and designed for those with arthritis and other physical imbalances. Additionally, for our MS population, we combine strengthening moves with cardiovascular and high-intensity interval training to help reduce symptoms paired with added fitness benefits.

Just Bungee 4 Life™

  • These low-impact fitness workshops designed around JumpSport Fitness Trampolines have a myriad of benefits for health and longevity. After just a few sessions, customers will experience boosted lymphatic drainage and immune function, improved digestion, increased energy, increased lung capacity and increased bone and muscle mass. These workshops are the perfect mix of health benefits with fun and enjoyable fitness techniques.

If you would like to improve your health while also becoming more involved in personal fitness during a time where both of these aspects of ourselves are vital to keep maintained, consider My Health Studio.

"We are a certified medically integrated fitness center featuring the professional expertise and programming necessary to safely and effectively assist people with developing, initiating, and maintaining an active lifestyle that minimizes the risk of illness and disease and promotes health and wellness."

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