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Our Just Bungee 4 Life™ Classes Are a Blast!

March 9, 2020

It's time we highlight our bungee fitness classes due to their sheer popularity and the feedback we've been hearing from our visitors. So many of you love these classes and many more have peeked their head in to inquire about what the classes entail. We encourage those most curious to read further or maybe just stop by for a class to see what all the fuss is about. For those unaware, this class is a cardio focused fat burner that will make the hour fly by because we've replaced the treadmills of big box gyms with springy bungees. These bungees are Astro-Durance products designed to give not only a weightless feeling, but also allow for low impact exercises similar to our JumpSport Trampoline Classes. It really does feel like flying though which the trampolines can't quite accomplish. Just like the trampolines, these bungees use resistance technology to achieve a healthy mix of athletic conditioning and body weight exercises. We have created classes for the general populace looking to sculpt muscle and burn calories with a separate therapeutic class created for anyone suffering from arthritis or other ailments. The Bungee classes will also help to increase range of motion, flexibility and build muscle mass in areas afflicted by pain in the course of normal cardio. So don't think for one second that because we are jumping into the air like Superman or Wonder Woman that class lacks the same fitness benefits as our other classes.

At My Health Studio, we are constantly looking to try new and exciting exercises for our group fitness classes in an effort to stay fresh and fun. Without a class like Just Bungee 4 Life™, we would not be the studio we are striving for. A typical cardio class would do little to set us apart form the impersonal big box gyms that so many of our customers run away from. It's understandable that coming to workout is already intimidating, yet we decided to include a harness and bungee attached to the ceiling! We promise however that it is nothing like normal bungee jumping. Of course, there is still all of the excitement and springy fun, just without the staggering heights and whiplash. These classes are smaller than our normal classes due to the equipment availability and space required which translates to a much more one-on-one experience with your trainer. This extra personal attention allows for even the most novice bungee members to have guidance and a gentle transition into this new way of working out. We promise that one session will leave you hooked. There's a small learning curve, but you don't need to be nervous, everyone experiences it and we get past it with a lot of laughs and encouragement.

If you read this entire thing and still feel apprehensive about our Bungees and the Just Bungee 4 Life™ classes at My Health Studio, the best way to overcome that is to talk with our fitness gurus at the studio when you come for a group fitness class. We would be happy to show you the ropes and explain the classes long before you get into the harness. Since these classes are smaller and becoming the most popular among our fitness offerings, book in advance to secure your spot. You can also call us directly for more information about our schedule, memberships or other services. We look forward to jumping with you! Remember, with Just Bungee 4 Life™, the sky is the limit!

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