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Introducing Astro-Durance™ Bungee Training: Our Next Fitness Undertaking

April 23, 2018

Starting in May, My Health Studio will be offering two new bungee fitness training semi-private workshops, under the trademark Just Bungee 4 Life. One workshop is designed for fitness beginners, while the other is designed for therapeutic purposes. Once we are underway, we anticipate adding Intermediate, Advanced and other class modalities such as Tabata, Dance and Rhythm classes. We’ll be combining strengthening moves with elements of dance, creating a series of amazing and fun workouts. Don’t be fooled though… these workouts will provide more-than-ample caloric burn. We’re planning to take bungee workouts to a new level. Rather than using bungees simply to add resistance to movement, these bungees are designed to both add and/or subtract resistance. Based on the movement and position, these bungees can provide a sense of buoyancy, enabling users to perform exercises they may not have been able to accomplish before. Conversely, when working against the resistance, the ability to strengthen muscles and enhance cardiovascular endurance can also be accomplished.

In other words, when a properly configured bungee is hanging from the ceiling directly above you, it pulls you up and provides a feeling of buoyancy similar to what you might experience in a pool. It helps, in small measure, to defy gravity, making exercises like squats and push-ups considerably easier, eliminating some of the stress that traditional exercises can exert on joints. On the flip side of the coin, the further away from the point of anchor you move, the more resistance you must overcome. As with all sessions, safety comes first, so we are working diligently to be absolutely sure all anchor points are professionally installed and safely in place.

We’ve chosen Astro-Durance™ Bungee Training Systems because they are designed to meet the needs of everyday people. All ages, sizes, fitness levels and those with physical limitations. We also chose Astro-Durance because of the level of support we received throughout the decision-making process. In short, they care. It is our goal at My Health Studio to provide you with the most amazing bungee experience you can imagine… one that will enhance individual fitness goals and provide the most uplifting and fun experience. Click here to learn more about our semi-private bungee workshops.

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