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The Talent of Quitting

March 5, 2018

In fitness, we’ve heard that “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win,” but is this really true? Before I start this conversation, I want to clarify one thing: in my mind, it’s NEVER okay to quit adopting a healthier lifestyle. What is okay, is to change course when something is not working.

I am a problem solver. If I have a client on a program and they’re not seeing results, I don’t let my ego get the best of me. I help them to change it up. Keep tweaking. In fact, I believe it’s necessary to tweak both food intake and exercise plans to provide variety and to keep muscles confused. I prefer to replace the word quitting, with a change of plans or changing course. Outside of the obvious items, like quitting something that is doing more harm to you or others, let’s talk about sometimes when it’s okay to “move on.”

  1. When pursing your goal is making you miserable.
  2. When your inability to accomplish your goal is causing self-loathing.
  3. When you moving on to something better would make you happier.

This all boils down to achieving true sustainability of fitness routines. I want to facilitate a set of habits that are repeatable and easy to maintain. So, what stops us from making changes? I tell my clients that if they “quit,” their fates are sealed. What I mean is that if they quit trying to find new, sustainable solutions to stay healthy and fit, their fates are sealed. What I DON’T mean is that they should quit looking for solutions, sit on the sofa and eat donuts and ice cream. It’s all about finding the perfect balance that keeps us motivated to continue going strong. If a roadblock presents itself that limits, hinders or pushes us in the wrong direction, that’s not an excuse to give up, but an opportunity to adjust the routine to account for issues.

The media has us thinking that if we can’t go the extra mile or stick to something there’s automatically something wrong with us. There may just be something wrong with the routine, not the individual.  Remember, each of us is different and many of us are not “cut out” for “cookie-cutter” workouts. Some of us just need proper guidance or counsel to help facilitate that small bit of change needed to find a sustainable solution. Remember, it’s not quitting, it’s simply seeking new solutions to help us reach our fitness goals.

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