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TRX Suspension Training

April 9, 2018

Most of us are accustomed to weights being the primary tool to exercise our muscles, but a new trend is growing – gravity training. This type of exercise relies on tools harnessing our body weight to strengthen specific muscle groups.  TRX suspension training is one of the first pieces of fitness equipment to embrace the concept of using gravity to your advantage in the most minimalist way possible. Invented by Navy SEALs, TRX consists of two bands connected to one focal point with hand grips at the end of each line. Created out of necessity to be able to exercise nearly anywhere, TRX bands only require a strong stable overhead connection to function properly. Though it has impressive origins, that is not to say it’s use is limited to the most extreme users but, rather, its use of body weight makes it simple to use and easy to adjust. Even the lay person looking to have a light workout can simply change stance, alter slant or shift weight to increase or decrease difficulty. Its learning curve is shallow compared to more complex machines which allows for more focus on getting each exercise correct without requiring master levels of experience.

My Health Studio has been using TRX in our personal training programs, both private and semi-private, as well as in our group fitness classes; we highly recommend trying it. Our clients love using TRX as an alternative to weights because of how it allows each user to work at their own pace and make small corrections instantly.  TRX is wonderful for anyone looking to work their arms and increase muscle strength without worrying about which weight to lift or how many push-ups to do. Consistency and form are key and, with proper nutrition, users are likely to see real arm definition while using TRX long-term. Of course, this approach to arm strength is broad because results from exercises like TRX suspension training truly comes down to the individual and their circumstances. Between hormones, past injuries and genetics, it’s difficult to recommend a cookie-cutter routine while promising the same results to everyone. Only an experienced fitness professional can construct a customized routine. Come by today and speak with our fitness experts to see how best to reach your fitness goals; who knows, TRX may be your next step! Contact us today to learn more about our personal training programs and our group fitness classes which employ TRX suspension training.

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